Roam V3

Automating Your Work Flow

Say Goodbye to Paperwork

For five years Roam CRM software has helped both sales professionals and growing distribution organizations improve their performance and generate more revenue. By automating call reporting, customer management and record keeping, users can focus on their customers rather than wasting time on manual record-keeping or making mistakes caused by inadequate collaboration or call reporting.

Version 3, is now available in both the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes, and at

Version three is introducing several game-changing new features that all but eliminate the overhead of reporting for field personnel.

It also accurately captures tremendous detail about your customers and their businesses so that you can protect your relationships and identify opportunities that here-to-for would go unrealized.

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The App is specifically designed as a super simple to use automate data entry system.

  • We offer both Apple and Android versions
  • We utilize location services during your business hours to automate call reporting with our “Pocket Check-in” feature. We record stops at you customer conditional even if you don’t have time to.
  • Accurate mileage reporting and expense tracking are integrated. We calculate cost to serve by customer and user to give you clarity on the financial return from your sales efforts.
  • Integration with text messaging and phone call records, and access to our power product database.
  • Automate text recognition allows you to parse effort and data based on the things you are discussing with your customers.
  • Fully integrate project management platform
  • Easy to use - no learning curve

Our browser-based management platform has two versions: one is for field personnel and one is for sales and business managers.