About Us

About MPN Media & Marketing

MPN Media was originally founded as Red Barn Media Group in 1998. Our company began in the warehouse office of a HVAC and Plumbing distributor in Vermont. Early on we produced technical books and curated product guides for other HVAC-R distributors across the United States. Within two years the DotCom boom was heating up and RBMG was a standalone business. By the year 2000 we became a digital first business leaving the world of print behind.

Working for companies like Rinnai, Bosch, Aerco, Navien, Allied Air and Fujitsu, RBMG became an organization that focused every effort on crafting smarter, more effective tools for the HVAC-R and Plumbing industries. From unit specifiers, sizing calculators, warranty systems and supply chain CRMs the first half of our history was pushing the limits of industry technology to make better products for OEMs. Through this effort came unexpected connections and ultimately the path that lead us to who we are today. Through our work with OEMs we came to know and support distributors and contractors. While we still pride ourselves on engineering complex systems, Applications and software the biggest segment of our business these days is contractor websites, marketing tools and lead generation platforms.

Contractors are both the face and backbone of the HVAC-R and Plumbing industries. With over 100,000 HVAC contracting businesses in the US alone we design systems to help with visibility, professionalism, retention and new customer acquisition. Our products and systems are 100% focused, hand crafted and made here in the United States by our trained staff. We feel the approach must be client-centric, understanding each contractor, their business, market and goals in order to create a professional and potent platform for growth.

We’re a small team dedicated to the HVAC-R and Plumbing industries. Let us help you reach your goals, grow your business and create a platform placing you ahead of your competition.